Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shark Fishing in Namibia

245 kg Bronze Whaler (aka Bronzie or Copper Shark) caught from the beach in Namibia  (Africa)
Bronze Whaler sharks are prolific along the desert coastline of Namibia (west coast of Africa). Drawn to the rich waters of the cold Benguella current. These strong, fast sharks are known to jump on occasion when hooked. They can tame the strongest fisherman and cause cramps and severe muscle pain as they relentlessly fight using current and oxygen rich water to their advantage. Fights can last several hours depending on the tackle used. 
This bronze brute was landed in the dark after a long hard fight
Teeth that can cut through steel. Johan Burger from Angling Tours Namibia with a  giant Bronze

Namibian sport fishermen strictly apply catch and release to protect the species for a sustainable future. 

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